1181 Old Princes Highway, Engadine Sundays @ 9am & 6:30pm





Jesus said ‘I’ve come that they may have life, and have it to the max’*, and this is how we want to live at Max. We want to live life to the Max! We’re not talking about drinking soft drink, but we dodge Max Dodgeballs, we play Max Soccer, and we look out for each other to the Max. Best of all, we follow the Max guru Jesus!
Each week we play Max games, hear an exciting Max talk about Jesus and share in Max Discussion and Supper.
Years 6 – 9
Friday nights during school term – 7-9 pm at HEBC
Cost $2
Contact Manfred Yew – 0466 308 002
* Revised Max Translation – John 10:10 (RMT)

White House Youth


Senior citizens of high school (years 10-12) will experience small groups and big events. White House Youth, WHY, aims to answer the gnawing questions that teens face when it comes to Christianity, God and life, in a more group-focused, interactive experience. We value the opinion of our teens and think they should have a say in what we do and how we do it to get the most out of every Friday night. Think lasting friendships, fantastic teaching and awesome activities. There’s no other place like WHY. Friday nights during school terms, 7-9:30pm at HEBC, in the White House. Cost is $2. Contact the Church Office 02 9520 2551.


Forget TV! Reality is the big issues teenagers face, in your face, every Sunday. Sick of some kid on YouTube telling you how to live? Reality is for really knowing God, and living a life that really matters. Kissing frogs and expecting royalty is not reality. This is reality. Sunday Mornings during school terms, 10-11.30am.