1181 Old Princes Highway, Engadine Sundays @ 9am & 6:30pm

In Our Schools


The teenage years are an optimal time to hear about Christ before the many pressures of life consume them. Therefore, in addition to meeting with our Youth on Friday and Sunday nights, we meet with many of them on their school grounds during the week at a meeting supported by Scripture Union (SU) called ISCF. The main aim of ISCF is to encourage the Christian kids in the Public School system to be ambassadors for Jesus on their own turf. Our meetings are not held indoors, hidden away, rather we meet outdoors; we want the school body to know that we’re there and we love Jesus and we want them to come to know him as well.

School Scripture

“Make the most of every opportunity…” wrote the Apostle Paul to the Church at Colosse and that’s exactly what we aim to do with Scripture in Schools, while we still can. On behalf of the Protestant Minister’s Fraternal for the 2233 area, we are responsible for the High School Scripture classes.