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Current Series


Morning Services: from the WORD to the WORLD
These first two sermons in the series on the Biblical basis of mission look at God’s mission, and the mission God gives to the church, from the angle of God’s desire to be with people, and people’s desire to be with God. If God doesn’t want to be with people, and if people do not want to be with God, then God’s mission is not complete. The first sermon looks at God’s desire to be with people in Genesis 2, and the fact that sin keeps people from choosing to be with God. The second sermon looks at God’s covenant with Abraham, and covenant in general, as the way God chooses to deal with sin, to make a way for God and people to be together.

Evening Service: 1 Thessalonians – Living for Jesus

Sometimes when we hear about the early history of the church, it can feel disconnected from our current experience. Things are so different now to then. What could we learn from them?

But if we look at what Thessalonica was like as a city and a culture, it shares a lot more in common with our modern day than we might realise. And so Paul’s letter to the church there has a lot for us to read, hear and consider for our lives here and now. As we go through this letter, we’ll consider what living for Jesus looks like, both then and now.

Be Blessed,
Pastor Ian Wooley.