1181 Old Princes Highway, Engadine Sundays @ 9am & 6:30pm

Growth Groups


The aim of our Growth Groups is to do just that: To enable and encourage one another to Grow, not only in one’s knowledge of Jesus Christ, but ultimately in loving obedience to what God has revealed in the Bible. Therefore the main emphasis of our Growth Groups is to study the Bible. Our Growth Groups follow our Sunday Bible teaching series. So each week in school term people meet, open the Bible, discuss the relevant passage, and prayerfully encourage one another to apply the Bible’s truth to their lives in order to become more like the Lord Jesus. HEBC offers many Growth Groups to best cater for all of our people, these include groups for just men and just women, as well as combined groups, and groups for young adults between the ages of 18 -30. If you’re ready to meet new people and grow in an understanding of Jesus.. Then we have a Growth Group for you!

Weekly Growth Group Meetings:

Young Ladies
Mondays @ 7.30pm in Engadine
Tuesdays @ 7pm in Heathcote
Wednesdays @ 7.30pm at Yarrawarrah

Young Men
Tuesdays @ 7pm in Engadine
Wednesdays @ 7:30pm in Yarrawarrah
Thursdays @ 7.30pm in Woronora

Young Adults Combined
Tuesdays @ 7:30pm in Engadine

Mondays @ 9:30am in Engadine
Wednesdays @ 10am at HEBC (Includes JJs child minding program)
Thursdays @ 7.30pm in Heathcote
Thursdays @ 7.30pm at HEBC

Mondays @ 8pm at HEBC
Mondays @ 8pm in Engadine
Tuesdays @ 7:30 in Yarrawarrah
Wednesdays @ 7.30pm in Yarrawarrah

Combined Adults
Wednesdays @ 1.30pm at HEBC